UPD ROTC holds Joint Graduation for Basic Cadets and Cadet Officer Candidates

The University of the Philippines Diliman  (UPD) Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) held the Joint Graduation of the Basic ROTC Cadets and the Cadet Officer Candidates (COC) last 11 May 2019 at the Department of Military Science and Tactics (DMST) complex, and it was truly a mark in the lives of the cadets finishing Military Science 1 (MS 1) and Military Science 2 (MS 2). 

The ceremony started with the arrival of the guest of honor and speaker for the ceremony Col Jose R Tianco PA, Group Commander of NCR Regional Community Defense Group (NCRRCDG), represented by Maj Alfredo A Caneo PA, Commander of the 1302nd Community Defense Center (CDC), NCRRCDG. He was accompanied by Maj Elmer F Gueverra PA (Res), the Assistant Commandant of UPD ROTC.

The graduation commenced fast-paced, acknowledging the outstanding efforts of the cadets and the presence of their family members. 

Another highlight of the ceremony was the Cadet Officer Candidate Course (COCC) 69-Bravo “Katigbak” graduation, producing newly-assigned cadet officers to lead the following Corps Years, namely C2Lt Ces Archae D Buenavista 3Cl, C2Lt Andrea Isabela A Murillo 3Cl, C2Lt Jon Edilpert J Morano 3Cl, and C2Lt Benedict Nathan N Sarino 3Cl. 

It was, indeed, a celebration of duty and service, as a total number of 109 basic cadet graduates had also subsequently been enlisted in the reserve force, Philippine Army. 

To acknowledge the exceptional cadets during the ROTC program, awards had been given: the Honor Medal to CPvt Allondra Shaira D Serdenia 3Cl, for garnering a grade of 1.125 in MS 1 and MS 2; the Duty Medal to CPvt Caren Claire L Avenido 3Cl, for gaining perfect attendance and the highest score in military aptitude; the Loyalty Medals to CPvt John Luis B Maglinao 3Cl and CPvt Catherine Isabelle S Feliciano 3Cl  for their formidable performance as batch marchers of their respective companies.

For COCC 69-Bravo “Katigbak”, C2Lt Buenavista had been awarded the Valedictorian Medal for obtaining the highest grade in the course. The Efficiency Medal had also been awarded to C2Lt Murillo for acquiring the highest rating in the On-the-Job Training Phase of the course.

To end the ceremony, the representative of the GOHAS, Maj Caneo, highlighted that decisiveness is as essential as excellence and intelligence. Education is relevant, but it is the willingness to go forward that takes one to his success. Goals give a person direction, thus enabling him to do what it takes to maximize his potential, and to reach his destination. He capped off his speech with warm congratulations to the newly-enlisted reservists of the Citizen Armed Force.

After the ceremony, an open barracks was conducted, allowing the visitors and the cadets to tour inside the Granadillos Hall, the cadet officers’ quarters inside the DMST complex.

The event ended with the cadets finally rejoicing for having been able to finish a school year of training with heavy rifles, neatly and properly worn TFUs, seven-o’clock-formation-time, and the Saturdays spent learning the essential skills an individual soldier must possess, i.e. lead, shoot, move, navigate, and communicate. 

The Corps Year 2018-2019 cadets recalled the best moments they had — mostly referring to the Sports Fest, the Camp Visit at the Headquarters Army Reserve Command, Camp Riego de Dios, the Yule Ball last December, and of course, the RAATI 2019 Competition wherein the UP Diliman ROTC Unit bagged the Champion title. 

As reservists, now, they know that their duty is so much more — the service to the Country and to the Filipino people carrying both the UP mark: Honor and Excellence, and as well as the UP ROTC mark: the shibboleths of Duty, Honor, and Country.

By PFC Alyssa Mae L Limlengco PA (Res)

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