MEMO NO. CAS 13-048                          Implementation of RA 9163 in UP Diliman

MEMO NO. CAS 13-055                          Implementing Guidelines for the UPD NSTP Common Module and Procedures for NSTP Registration and Course Labeling for SY 2013-2014

MEMO NO. DHMA 15-010                      Information on the Enrolment of NSTP Courses

MEMO NO. OVCAA BMP 15-095           Field Incident Reporting

MEMO NO. OVCAA BMP 16-185           Reorganization of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs

MEMO NO. OVCAA BMP 17-094-C      Academic Field Activities: Second Update of Typology

MEMO NO. MLT 17-204                         Guidelines on Short-Term Academic Field Activities (UPD Academic Field Activity Type 1C, 2A, and 2B)

MEMO NO. AVPM 19-015                       Kaisahan sa Pagpapangalan ng Seksyon ng NSTP sa CRS

MEMO. JESB-17-024                              NSTP Coordinators Honoraria

MEMO. NO. JSL 20-04                            Processing of Appointment of NSTP Coordinators, Instructors, and Support Staff

MEMO. NO. OVCAA-DFQ 02-23            NSTP Enlistment Reminders

MEMO. NO. OVCAA-DFQ 03-23            Procedure of the Sangguniang Kabataan Officials’ Application for Equivalency

MEMO. NO. OVCAA-DFQ 05-23           Crediting of NSTP 1 and NSTP 2 Classes Taken in Different Colleges

NSTP Diliman Operations Manual (2nd Edition)

20 Years of NSTP-related Documents: A Compilation

UP System Guidelines for Implementing NSTP

UP Diliman Guidelines for Implementing NSTP

Revised Implementing Rules & Regulations of the NSTP (RA 9163)

UP Diliman Citizen’s Charter – NSTP Diliman Office External Services

Updated Implementing Guidelines and Procedures (IGP) of the National Service Reserve Corps


NSTP-related Student Appeal


Request for NSTP crediting shall be done through UP UTAK. Requesting students need to accomplish the NSTP Crediting Application form.

Appointment Procedures

Budget Request or Program of Expenditure (POE) Procedure

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