Sikhay Lingkod VI: Volunteerism Fair 2023

The National Service Training Program Diliman (NSTP) Office successfully launched Sikhay Lingkod VI: Volunteerism Fair on December 11, 2023. This annual forum brought together volunteer groups from across the country to discuss various aspects of volunteerism and their respective advocacies. A cause for celebration was the return to on-site organization, marking the first occurrence since the pandemic.

Beyond its primary goal of raising awareness about the importance of volunteerism among NSTP students and National Service Reserve Corps (NSRC) reservists, the event successfully introduced them to diverse programs and projects supporting the development of various societal sectors. Throughout this activity, camaraderie was fostered among NSTP students, NSRC reservists, various organizations, and the UP Community, creating numerous opportunities for students to engage in volunteer services or internships.

 Bayanihan sa Diliman: The Youth as Volunteer Facilitators

The morning of Sikhay Lingkod VI unfolded with a Bayanihan sa Diliman discussion, focusing on the common module topic of Volunteerism. This was held at UP Diliman Engineering Theater from 9:00 – 11:00 am and was attended by CWTS students from diverse units within UP Diliman . After the symbolic entrance of colors and singing of the national anthem, led by UPD ROTC Rayadillo, Chancellor Edgardo Carlo L. Vistan II, LLM shed light on the profound role and journey of UP Diliman in the realm of Volunteerism.

As the audience absorbed the Chancellor’s words, the spotlight shifted to the key speakers who further illuminated the discussion. Sir Franz Averion, the founder of the National Youth Volunteers Coalition Inc, took the stage, delving into the critical role of youth as volunteer facilitators. His insights provided a foundation for understanding the potential of the younger generation in driving positive change through service.

Continuing the narrative, Prof. Maria Therese Angeline Bustos and Ms. Megan Kaye Marie Reyala from the Ugnayan ng Pahinungod System Office shared their experiences on the Gurong Pahinungod Program. Their discussion underscored the intersection of education and volunteerism, emphasizing the pivotal role of educators in instilling a spirit of service among the youth.

The event then transitioned into a dynamic panel discussion featuring the Program Manager of US Peace Corps Philippines, Roberto Yanco, and Peace Corps volunteer, Joshua Brown. This segment offered a broader, global perspective on volunteerism, emphasizing its universal significance in fostering cross-cultural understanding and collaboration.

Finally, the day concluded with closing remarks from Dr. Maria Vanessa Lusung Oyzon, the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, and Chancellor Edgardo Carlo L. Vistan, expressing gratitude for the shared knowledge and reinforcing UP Diliman’s commitment to nurturing socially responsible leaders.

Sikhay Lingkod: Volunteerism Fair

A prominent feature of Sikhay Lingkod is the Volunteerism Fair, marked by the ceremonial ribbon cutting led by Dr. Maria Vanessa Lusung-Oyzon, the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. As the fair unfolded, a bustling crowd of students eagerly explored volunteering opportunities both domestically and internationally. This year, Sikhay Lingkod witnessed the participation of 27 organizations, each graciously presenting their distinctive initiatives and advocacies.

Sikhay Lingkod: Volunteerism Best Practices

In a culminating session featuring the active participation of Peace Corps Philippines, France Volontaires – Philippines, and UP System Ugnayan ng Pahinungód, the discourse on ‘Best Volunteerism Practices’ unfolded at the UP-Film Institute Film Studio.

The collaborative effort of these organizations underscored the importance of sharing best practices to inspire and guide others in their commitment to community service.

By convening at this esteemed venue, the discussion on ‘Best Volunteerism Practices’ not only facilitated the exchange of valuable insights but also fostered a sense of unity among diverse organizations dedicated to making a positive impact through volunteerism.

Sikhay Lingkod: An Online Volunteerism Fair 2022

This year’s Sikhay Lingkod V highlights public offices, private companies, and volunteer organizations via Zoom to be streamed on Youtube. Through this activity,  camaraderie is encouraged between NSTP students, NSRC reservists, and various organizations opening various opportunities for students to render volunteer services or internships. 

“Volunteerism as a Developmental Strategy” was presented during the plenary session. Afterwards, UP Diliman NSTP Students and NSRC members are given the chance to choose from five (5) Parallel Sessions.

Plenary Session:

Parallel Sessions:

Parallel Session 1: Service in Government Institutions

Parallel Session 2: Disaster Preparedness & Citizenship Training

Parallel Session 3: Multidimensional Volunteerism

Parallel Session 4: Reviving Earth in Climate Action Initiatives

Parallel Session 5: Uplifting the Marginalized Sectors through Volunteerism

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