Sikhay Lingkod: Volunteerism Fair

This year’s Sikhay Lingkod V highlights public offices, private companies, and volunteer organizations via Zoom to be streamed on Youtube. Through this activity,  camaraderie is encouraged between NSTP students, NSRC reservists, and various organizations opening various opportunities for students to render volunteer services or internships. 

“Volunteerism as a Developmental Strategy” was presented during the plenary session. Afterwards, UP Diliman NSTP Students and NSRC members are given the chance to choose from five (5) Parallel Sessions.

Plenary Session:

Parallel Sessions:

Parallel Session 1: Service in Government Institutions

Parallel Session 2: Disaster Preparedness & Citizenship Training

Parallel Session 3: Multidimensional Volunteerism

Parallel Session 4: Reviving Earth in Climate Action Initiatives

Parallel Session 5: Uplifting the Marginalized Sectors through Volunteerism

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