NSTP Common Module and Component Mapping Workshop Part 2 Completed

The National Service Training Program (NSTP) Diliman held the NSTP Program Mapping the Common Module and Component Mapping Part 2 last March 25, 2019 at the National Engineering Center, UP Diliman.

Aimed to create the Component Map for NSTP Common Module (CM), National Service Reserve Corp (NSRC), Citizen Armed Force (CAF), and NSTP Components: Civic Welfare Training Service (CWTS), Literacy Training Service (LTS), and Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC), NSTP Diliman Office with Coordinators and Instructors underwent a whole-day workshop under the facilitation of Prof. Rosella M. Torrecampo, Director of the Office for the Advancement of Teaching, and Dr. Julienne Thesa Baldo-Cubelo, Department Chair of Communications Research of College of Mass Communication.

Two workshops were done in the morning and the afternoon 1) to review the current status of NSTP CM, NSRC, CAF, and Components: CWTS, LTS, ROTC in relation to the crafted NSTP Program Map, particularly vis-a-vis the Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) and 2) to formulate Component Learning Outcomes (CLOs) distinct to each unit/component and aligned to the PLOs.

NSTP Coordinators and Instructors representing UP Diliman colleges were clustered to brainstorm each of the units/components CLOs:

  • Common Module
  • NSRC
  • CWTS
  • LTS
  • ROTC
  • CAF

A plenary session in the afternoon was dedicated for the presentation of each group’s discussion results led by Dr. Baldo-Cubelo. Comments and recommendations were welcomed and noted.

While the congregation is able to forward suggestions for CLOs, the overall output of this second workshop on Common Module and Component Mapping is yet to be reviewed and checked by Prof. Torrecampo.

This activity is still part of the Program Mapping efforts of NSTP Diliman Office and the undertaking to OBEdize the NSTP Common Module. The Office is set to start OBEdizing the CM Syllabus in May under the Academic Program Improvement (API) Fund.

by Klaribelle Anne B. Languayan

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