NSTP Diliman holds OBE Seminar for NSTP Coordinators and Instructors

A whole day Outcome-Based Education (OBE) Seminar Workshop was held last 31 August 2018 at the G.E. Theater, College of Engineering, UP Diliman for NSTP instructors from different colleges.

NSTP Diliman Director Prof. Arlyn Macapinlac, during her welcome remarks, emphasized the need to continuously improve the existing NSTP Common Module. As the university calls to conform with Outcome-Based Education principles, the NSTP Diliman Office deemed it fit to follow suit. It is directed towards producing an “OBEdized” syllabus.

Dr. Amelia Fajardo of the Curriculum Studies Department of the College of Education, UP Diliman, served as the resource person for the seminar-workshop. The following were discussed during the seminar:

  1.     Differentiation of curriculum from instruction
  2.     The relationship of curriculum to instruction
  3.     Three domains of curriculum
  4.     Bases for the determination of the elements of the curriculum
  5.     Important features of OBE
  6.     How to formulate OBE learning objectives

Curriculum and instruction were differentiated from each other using the rosary and the puzzle ideology; the rosary as a prescriptive model of curriculum following a specific order of instruction, while the puzzle as a student-based curriculum which reflects that instruction depends upon the player.

It was noted that there is no instruction if there is no curriculum, hence, a crafted curriculum is important in order to proceed with standardized instruction. It was also clarified that instruction is not a way of teaching, but a plan which answers to the elements’ learning intent, learning content, teaching strategy, and assessment. From this, Dr. Fajardo shared that curriculum development is defined as a decision-making process on these four elements of the curriculum. Further, factors that influence the curriculum are philosophy of education, socio-cultural context, theories of learning, and the demands of the industry or profession.

The afternoon session was continued at the Maynilad Room of the College of Engineering, UP Diliman. Before the workshop proper, Dr. Fajardo lectured on the formulation of OBE objectives and program.

The first task of the workshop is to envision the ideal characteristics of the NSTP graduates based on the NSTP program vision, mission, and goals (VMG). Program outcomes, which correspond to the measurable and observable changes in the students after taking NSTP, were drawn from the characteristics listed.

During the workshop, Prof. Macapinlac revisited the NSTP’s VMG to narrow down the ideal characteristics of the students who complete NSTP. Program outcomes were drafted with the guidance of Dr. Fajardo.

It was also suggested during the workshop to have another session to review and rewrite the program map before the writing of syllabus. The assembly agreed to meet on the scheduled leg of API 2018 to continue the workshop.

by Klaribelle Anne B. Languayan

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