NSTP Diliman holds its first Program Mapping Workshop

As a result of the recommendation during the OBE Seminar held last August 31, 2018, the NSTP Diliman Office conducted a Program Mapping Workshop aimed to produce the NSTP Program Map that conforms to Outcome-Based Education (OBE) principles on October 19, 2018 at the University Hotel, UP Diliman. Prof. Rosella M. Torrecampo of the Office for the Advancement of Teaching (OAT), UP Diliman facilitated the whole-day workshop which was attended by NSTP Coordinators and Instructors.

A short discussion preceded the event where Prof. Torrecampo reviewed the principles and applications of OBE in producing instructional materials and program maps. It was followed by grouping the participants for the program mapping.

The Program Map Matrix for the activity that contained the categories below was provided by Prof. Torrecampo to be filled out by the groups. Each group workshopped on the following:

  1. Graduate attributes;
  2. NSTP Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR);
  3. UP System Institutional Learning Outcomes;
  4. Program Goals;
  5. Program Learning Outcomes (The student will be able to…)
  6. Program Indicators of the Enabling Outcomes (The student will be able to…)
  7. Learning Outcomes (Attitude, Skill, Knowledge) and Domains (Cognitive, Affective, Psychomotor)

The groups came up with the three key main graduate attributes listed with other characteristics during the OBE Seminar: nationalistic, visionary, and competent.  The UP System Institutional Learning Outcomes, UP Diliman Institutional Learning Outcomes, NSTP Implementing Rules and Regulations, UP Diliman NSTP Implementing Guidelines were also reviewed and selected to provide grounding for the key graduate attributes, the program goals and outcomes.

Each group reported on the completed program matrix at the end of the day’s session. Due to the limited amount of time, Dr. Torrecampo suggested to have another session for the harmonization of the group outputs.

by Klaribelle Anne B. Languayan

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